Jennifer More-Ayeeee-Raawww :)

Pretty cool video!! :D And catchy song too! :D haha

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David Guetta - Turn Me On



First, go grab some headphones. The best ones you’ve got. If the best ones you’ve got are these suckers (or something similar), you should really go buy new ones, but use the best you’ve got for right now.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing for 2 minutes and listen, but just listen to the whole thing, even if you have to multi-task.

Headphones on? Ok. Good.

Now, press play.

“Upular (3D Audio Version)” - Pogo

I love these things

THE MUSIC IS TRAVELING THROUGH YOUR HEAD!! HOLY CRAP THAT WAS TRIPPY… if i was on drugs… this would be amazing… but you really need headphones


Love this song!! :D

Love this song! :)

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Great Song! :)

Nice Remix :) I think I’m addicted to it! x]